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About Fresh Prints

Fresh Prints of South Walton is a spin off of TenFit Imprints much like Cheers gave us Frasier and Family Guy gave us The Cleveland Show.
Fresh Prints offers quality screen printing services to the Santa Rosa Beach, Destin, Freeport and other surrounding cities and towns. Existing in some capacity, but not necessarily as Fresh Prints, since 2013 we have been helping people from all over the Panhandle bring their ideas to life on tshirts, hoodies, stickers, and anything else you can print on.
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About The Owner

Tim Haney is…well, he just is. He grew up in Santa Rosa Beach, FL in the 80’s and 90’s. He spent most of that time playing baseball, skateboarding, and hanging drywall with his dad (Also, Tim Haney btw).
When adulthood inevitably happened, he got a “real job” at one of those fancy corporate outfits instead of pursuing his planned career of being a restaurateur. He did eventually make an attempt to realize that dream by leasing a restaurant on 30A called Ballyhoo. You may remember the place for it’s “Cleanest Smelling Bathrooms on 30A” or “Our Food Doesn’t Suck Anymore” marquis signs. Then again, you may not.
During the late 200X’s and early 20XX’s Tim spent his nights DJ’ing and being the self proclaimed “Best Karaoke Host on the Coast.” Somewhere along the way, in the early 2000’s, Tim got the bright idea to start a t-shirt company. He purchased some equipment, that turned out to be nothing like what he actually wanted and started learning the trade.
From that point, he taught himself how to use the current design software’s of the time and began printing! After learning that the process he was using was looked at as one of the worst possible apparel embellishment processes, he sold his equipment and put the t-shirt thing on hold.
Eventually, Tim would go to work in a screen printing shop and learn more about the industry’s ins and outs. That job would facilitate the beginning of a new t-shirt brand that would eventually evolve into the business that Tim owns today, Fresh Prints of South Walton.

Who We Serve

Screen Printing & Embroidery Services for the Whole Community!